Primary Maths Challenge

Following on from their amazing scores in the Primary Maths Challenge (PMC) 1st round in November, Laith (5D), Freddie (6W), Jack (6M) and Yusuf (6W) were invited to take part in the PMC bonus round in February.

Of the initial 68,000 children who took part, 3255 were invited to complete this very challenging bonus round.

  • 167 pupils received gold awards.
  • 657 pupils received silver awards and
  • 1033 received bronze awards.

Our boys were very successful, and this success is a clear demonstration of their ability to think abstractly and to apply their very healthy maths knowledge to a large variety of problem solving questions.

Laith, Freddie and Jack won bronze medals and Yusuf won gold!

Excellent work boys. We hope you wear your badges with pride!