Hampton Court Palace

Year 4 had a special Christmas workshop. They met up with a man dressed up as a Victorian in the grounds, then moved to a hall where the servants ate. Although the King was very wealthy and rich he ate in a smaller room compared to his servants. Henry VIII’s room was highly decorated with a gold ceiling and a coloured stained glass. Year 4 talked about their 12 days of Christmas and about the jokes they would have and they made a card crown.

By Mohamed and Sophia.


We had so much fun going round the giant Hampton Court. There were so many exciting things to enjoy and see. We did a scavenger hunt and most people found all of the objects, like Jane Seymour’s tomb and Henry VIII’s portrait.

By Ege and Luca


Hampton Court was a fantastic trip – it included loads of highlights! Nearly all of us thought the Christmas workshop was our favourite one!