Nelson go to Cambridge University

National Young Mathematicians’ Awards

As you may be aware, four of our Year 6 children (Alina 6F, Harry 6F, Laith 6WC and Lottie 6M) have been taking part in a maths competition called The National Young Mathematicians’ Awards. 1260 schools took part in the competition and only 5 primary schools made it through to the final. The competition involves the children solving a series of problems that challenge their mathematical thinking but also require them to work well as a team, sharing their ideas and presenting their findings. The children took part in a local first round in November. They then went through to the second round where they were announced regional winners. For the first time in Nelson history, our team were then selected to attend the final at Cambridge University.

On Wednesday 9th January, our team travelled to The Centre of Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge University. The children had an hour and a half to solve the problem and present their findings. When the task was complete, they were given a tour of the university and enjoyed an inspiring talk from Bobby Seagull. Unfortunately, our team did not win first place but they worked incredibly hard and should be so proud of their achievements and reaching the final. After each round, the children listened carefully to their feedback, acted on it and improved and this was noticed by the judges. They worked as a team, supporting and guiding each other as well as challenging each other’s’ mathematical thinking. They were an absolute delight to take to each round and the school is incredibly proud of them. Well done!!!

‘The maths competition was an amazing experience. We were all really excited because this was the first time the Nelson maths team had made it to the final. The challenge was quite hard but we all worked really well and tried our hardest. Bobby Seagull talked to us about maths and then they gave out the prizes. We all got trophies and a bag full of maths/science related games and books for us to enjoy. Overall the whole day was really fun and I am so proud of all of us for making it to the final at Cambridge University. ‘ Alina 6F

For more information about the competition and the problems they had to solve, visit this link;