Primary Maths Challenge

The Primary Maths Challenge is a fun and exciting mathematical challenge aimed at pupils in Years 5 and 6. It encourages enthusiasm, boosts confidence and shows the different ways questions can be asked. The PMC is designed to make pupils think outside the box. This year 1,600 schools and around 67,000 children took part in the first round of the competition. Those scoring highly were invited to take part in the Bonus Round last month, in which Laith, 6WC and Dara, 6F were invited to take part. Of the 2,375 pupils invited to compete, 103 pupils received Gold awards. 657 pupils received Silver awards and 736 received Bronze awards. Both boys did very well, with Dara earning a bronze award and Laith earning a silver award. Congratulations to them on their success. This is a clear demonstration of Dara and Laith’s ability to think abstractly and to apply their very healthy maths knowledge to a large variety of problem solving questions.