Well Done

Well done to Yusuf and Dhru in Year 6 who recently took drumming exams.

“Since I had already passed my grade 1 drum exam, I was used to the feeling that I got before doing the grade. It was really fun and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous at all. I played to 3 songs and drummed to an improvisation track. My score for my grade 2 drumming exam was 89 marks which is also a distinction! By Yusuf Y6. I had to train very hard for about an hour or more to get this certificate. I had to go to all of my drumming lessons and be on time and at home I would practise the whole exam. It was stressful but once I got on that drum kit I felt very confident and happy. I played my heart out just like I do at home. Drumming is something that I love doing and something that is very enjoyable!”

By Dhru Y6.