New School Library

Our new school Library is almost complete and will open very soon! It was designed and creat-ed by the PTA library team and funded totally by Nelson PTA, using the money raised from our event car parks, school events and raffles. The books have been sorted and stocked with fantastic team work from Nelson parents, staff, and the Year 6 librarians. We have also had some special additional book donations from the Whitton community! A huge thank you and well done to everyone involved. We hope the Nelson children and staff will love their new reading environment.

A special thank you to Mary who has commit-ted so much time, love and effort into this pro-ject. Alongside the school, her passion has been to create an amazing environment to in-spire our children to read and I think you’ll all agree she has achieved this and more. So Thank you Mary from everyone here at Nelson, especially the children.