St George’s Day Parade

St George is the national saint of England, Georgia, Ethiopia, Iberia, Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia, Portugal, Brazil, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia & Montenegro! Very little is known about St George’s life, but it is thought he was a high ranking officer in the Roman army. St George showed incredible faith and strength and stories of his courage spread throughout Europe. The best known story about St George is his fight with a dragon. St George killed a dragon on the flat topped Dragon Hill
in Berkshire. It is said that no grass grows where the Dragon was slayed. Shakespeare made sure that nobody would forget St
George and has King Henry V finishing his pre-battle speech with the famous phrase’ Cry God for Harry, England & St George!’. This year Nelson School were proud to host our community event with the help of our PTA. Thank you to all the children, staff and families who were able to take part. We could not have done it without you.