Sports Day

It was great to see so many parents, carers and family members coming to support the children on another successful sports day. The weather was kind to us again and the children participated well in all events, showing great sportsmanship and cheering on their classmates. Thank you Mr Abbott for organising the day.

Last Friday, the 21st of June, was Key Stage 2’s sports day. It was a very hot day so we had to wear hats and drink plenty of water. We had 7 events, which were relay, hurdles, 80 metre sprint, vortex, long distance, speed bounce and standing long jump. We all had to choose 3 events, not including the relay since everyone had to participate in the relay. If you got either 1 st place, 2nd place or 3rd place you would receive a token and you would go and put your token in the box which had your crew ship’s name on it. 1st place was 5 points, 2nd was 3 points and 3rd was 1 point. The crew with the most points will receive a shield and a trophy, after all the points have been counted. After sports day ended we were congratulated by our parents, our teachers and our friends. This year was definitely another successful sports day.

By Izaan Y6

On the 21 June, year 6 had their last sports day. Everyone’s hearts were pumping with fear and excitement. There were 7 events: hurdles, sprint, vortex, speed bounce, standing long jump, long distance and relay. Everyone who took part was hoping to receive 1st , 2 nd or 3rd. The first event was the hurdles. The runners that took part in this event had to run as fast as they could to the end while jumping over hurdles. The parents and classmates were cheering and being very supportive. Next was the 80m sprint. Even though we were nervous we ran to the end with full pace. After the sprint, was the vortex. The throwers threw really far, barely missing the parents! Next was one of the hardest events; It was the standing long jump. Everyone made it very hard to judge. Next was the speed bounce. This was the second event that was super hard to judge – the scores were very close. The third challenge was the long distance. Everyone who did this needed good stamina. Lastly was the relay. Everyone had to work as a team to win. Some had to run more than one time! That was the recount of year 6 sports day.

By Sophie, Year 6.