Language of the Month

Happy New Year all!

As you may be aware, we have been studying French as our language of the month at Nelson School. The children have focussed well and engaged enthusiastically throughout. Luckily I have had the pleasure of delivering French sessions to year 3 and 5, therefore, I have seen the pupils excitedly participate in learning new words and phrases as they have been working through the Rigolo French programme of work.

Each time we study a new language together the children create a Language of the Month display which showcases words and phrases they have learnt or produce an informative display to celebrate their independent learning.

The results of the Language of theĀ month display competition is below.

1st Prize is awarded to 2B. They pulled out all stops by creating a gallery full of the famous painting of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

2nd place is awarded to 3B as they produced a very informative and creative display which included drawings of Notre Dame and the Eiffel tower.

3rd place is awarded to 2M as they worked hard to produce a display with eye-catching composition full of French flags.

Thank you all for your support with this initiative, especially the children.

Many thanks,

Mrs Power, LSA/EAL Support.