Maths Day

On Monday last week, across the school we enjoyed Maths Day. The theme for maths day this year was ‘Maths is fun.’ During assembly, we realised that maths is all around us and we can’t go a day without using maths. Across the school, lots of fun maths day activities were planned; like building a tower challenge, help-ing the three bears in the nursery, solving a Victorian money problem as well as many other different problem solving activities.

The School Council set the whole school competition, to design their own board games linked to their maths learning. This week they got a chance to play and judge some of these games. They decided that the overall winning game was made by Oliver and Katy in 5N. Congratulations! Their game involved blowing counters around a playing board with a straw and then answering maths questions based on where the counters ended up. It was really inventive and lots of fun to play!