Free School Meals

As you may have seen on the news the Free School Meal (FSM) vouchers are available. We have been providing weekly packed lunches, but parents can opt for vouchers which will be issued on 20th April.

More parents are registering for FSM because of the current situation. If you wish to check eligibility please go to our website – General In-formation – scroll down to Pupil Premium. As soon as you register the school will be in-formed and can supply the £15 per week per child vouchers.

Please be reminded that the Universal Infant Free School Meals offer that is available to all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 does not mean your child is eligible for FSM. You have to register under the criteria. If you have older children in receipt of FSM and a child in the infants you must register the younger child in order to receive your voucher for the young-er child.