Home Learning

Staff have been very busy working from home over the last two weeks and have prepared home learning for after Easter.

As we move forward with home learning we are setting up google classroom and will be training staff on how to use it! Please bear in mind that these are challenging times for us all and we are all learning how to deal with this unwanted situation together.

We will be in touch with more details after East-er. In the meantime please keep going with daily reading and fun activities, including Joe Wickes exercise routines on YouTube.

Cake Making

Arthur (Reception) has been busy making a banana and chocolate chip cake. What a fantastic and delicious way to practice your maths skills Arthur, well done!


Working Together

Sophia and Amelie (Y5) completed a science experiment of making Milk Shapes. This involved heating gently some milk, then adding food colouring and vinegar, and stirring. The liquid mixture then turned to lumps which is a process the vinegar turned it to. The mixture was then poured through a self made sieve, left for 10 minutes, then squeezed to get rid of any excess milk. Once all the solid parts are put together by hand it was then placed in to a cook-ie to form the shape, and left to dry for 2-3 days. What a great experiment! Well done!

Pompeii Project

Alongside doing all of her home learning, which she is really enjoying, Mia (Y1) has been learn-ing to sew! She has made this wonderful unicorn pillow. Well done Mia!



World War II

Ishaq (Y6) sent us a picture of his WW2 project about the Blitz. He has made an information poster and a city scene along with a Nazi plane dropping bombs. He used many recycled materials like cereal boxes and a cardboard box. We think it looks great Ishaq.

Super Sewing

I’ve been learning about mount Vesuvius and the ancient city of Pompeii. I have also been learning about how many people died and how many people stayed alive. Riley Y3.


Great Home Working

Maddie (Y5) sent in her Macbeth homework for Miss Newman to see. It looks amazing Maddie, well done!


Sophie (Y2) designed her own pizza and named it after her crew ship Santa Maria. Each slice has a different topping, her favourite one being the Sweetie one!

Home Learning Packs

Abdul (Y6) and Hareem (Y3) have been work-ing hard on their home learning which is great to see. Keep up the hard work!