Home Learning News

Here is an insight to some recent home learning news:

Seeds and Seedlings

This week Riley (Y3) has been busy in the garden. ‘I have been planting some new seedlings. I’ve been measuring how many seeds can fit in to one planting box and have enjoyed watching them grow. I found so many snails that I had to set up a snail race!’


VE Day Celebrations

On the 8th May we celebrated the 75th anniversary of VE Day, marking the end of World War II in Europe. The community remembered all those who were involved in the War, from both home and overseas, in various ways such as dressing up, baking cakes and decorating their front gardens. Although Nelson School was much smaller in 1945 it was still an important part of the community and we remember how everyone’s lives were affected in those difficult times.

Bird Watching

Marissa in Y4 has been looking out for birds recently and has produced this wonderful information page. She asked some very interesting questions and then researched the answers. Well done!

Language of the Month

Ola, hello. As you know Portuguese was introduced as our latest language of the month. With great speed, Eloisa Bailey (Y3) has engaged in this initiative and can be seen below with animal nouns and parts of the body written in Portuguese. Muito bem! Very good! Keep your work coming in and we shall try and include more of your wonderful work for all to enjoy.

Painshill Park ‘Trip’

This week, Year 1 would have been visiting Painshill Park. Instead they have been having fun on a virtual trip, discovering lots of things and getting creative.  Noah took his sister on the trip with him! Amelie did a scavenger hunt…… and this is Maya’s mud painting!