Seahorse Teachers:

  • Zoe Conlan (Elaine Booth) Nursery

Teaching Assistants

  • Teresa Garland
  • Jenna Rees
  • Sayma Rahmatullah
  • Becky Shawyer
  • Louise Elgar

A typical session

Each session begins with an opportunity to explore the stimulating activities that are on offer. At carpet time we find out what we are going to do for the rest of the session, using our visual timetable to help us remember what we will do next. We are learning to do ‘good sitting’, ‘good listening’ and ‘good looking’.

Next stop is snack time and all the important routines for eating. The children love to have their snack outside and to watch the world go by. This is followed by ‘free-flow’ learning time when children engage with adults and learning opportunities both inside and outside in the nursery garden. We come together again at the end of the session for a shared story and singing. The children love listening to stories and joining in with favourite songs.

We support all of the children with toileting routines, climbing, removing and putting on shoes and socks and other routine tasks if children need help. As time goes on we encourage children to develop these skills themselves to enable them to become independent in making choices about when they move from one activity to another. As parents, you have an important role to play in helping your child to master these skills and to reach milestones in their development. Together, we can help them to become independent in their self-care.

How parents can help

We would like to offer a few practical tips to help your child to manage the routines throughout the day.

Snack time

If your child brings their own snack, please send it in a named pot to help us identify who it belongs to. This helps to avoid any upsets or confusion.  Sending a small, named pot is easier for children to manage because it will fit in our snack box. Please send ‘pots’ rather than lunchboxes. Please send in only fruit or vegetables.

Changing our shoes

Because children have opportunities throughout the day to climb and play in the sandpit and ‘mud kitchen’, they often need to change into wellies or to take off their shoes. Please send them in shoes that are easy to fasten and unfasten and that are safe for climbing. Shoes that fasten easily enable the children to be independent, so it is easier for them to have a go at removing and putting on their own shoes and socks. Shoes or trainers with Velcro straps are ideal.

Toilet training

Please send your child in pants rather than ‘pull-ups’ if they are toilet training. This will help them to become more aware of their need to go to the toilet. A supply of wipes and pants is needed in their bag at nursery. Please remember to practice going to the toilet at home and come and talk to us about your child’s progress in this area of their development.

Bringing your child into the Nursery in the morning

Coming into nursery is a very busy time once all the children have started nursery. We are keen to welcome all parents into the nursery with their children, especially as children are settling and we are happy for you to spend some time playing with your child before you leave. Please bring them inside, they will have plenty of time to play outside later in the session.

Sharing our learning

During our ‘Getting to Know You’ sessions, you will find out more about the learning opportunities that children have at the nursery. Please see our ‘Curriculum Maps’ for further details of our learning. These are available on the school website and will also be sent home.

Please, can you help?

We would appreciate it if anyone could donate some spare children’s clothes for occasions when children have ‘accidents’ or get wet while playing in the water. Socks, pants, trousers, raincoats and spare carrier bags would be welcome as well as spare wellies for use in our ‘mud kitchen’. We would also love some real cutlery for role play, leftover fabric and packaging for junk modelling.

At the end of the session

When we open the door please feel free to come in. Please encourage your child to pick up their water bottle and snack pot and collect their coats and any wet clothes.

Please also remember to let us know the name of the person collecting your child if it is someone other than yourself. If you would like a friend or relative to collect your child on a regular basis, please write a signed letter giving your permission for this to happen and add the name to the ‘child collection form’ that you have completed. We are only able to release your child into the care of someone else if we have your permission.

A Date for your Diary

Our ‘Getting to know you’ session will be on Wednesday 10th October at 11.00 am. We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible.


If you have any medium or large plastic pots we would appreciate any donations.

General Notices

We kindly ask that you please remember:

  • All siblings need to wait outside. Quietly on the decking in the morning.
  • Toys should not be brought into school with your child as we do not want them getting lost or broken.
  • Reading folders should be brought with your child every day.
  • To bring spare clothes, labelled with your child’s name for their pegs

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