Nursery Curriculum Summer

Where am I going?

Succesful Learners

Areas of learning

  • As ‘learners’ we will reflect on what we have learned and how we have learned.
  • As ‘scientists’ we will investigate how materials and substances change.
  • As ‘story tellerswe will experience and recreate traditional tales
  • As ‘musicians’ we will create musical stories.
  • As ‘travellers’ we will visit another place. We will imagine story settings. We will get ready for our journey into Reception.

Confident Individuals

Cooking and Nurtition

  • Prepare and make food for picnics, for example finger foods. Talk about how we can prepare tasty and healthy food.

Responsible Citizens


  • We will experience an environment that is different from our nursery. We will learn how it is the same and different.
  • We will think about the parts of our Nursery environment that we like and those we want to change

Spiritual & Moral

  • We will learn to respect other people’s feelings. We will learn what to do if someone does not like chasing, for example.
  • We will learn to care for animals on the farm. We will care for each other by helping our friends to make the right choices.


  • We will start to meet more adults in our school community by taking the register to the office.
  • We will meet people from the wider community, for example, Farmer Pauline.

We learn best when we are interested and excited about our learning.  We will be flexible about our learning and follow children’s interests within these topics.

To download a copy of the above information please click on the document below:

Nursery Summer Overview

For more detailed subject planning information please download the document below:

Nursery Summer POS