Welcome to Reception


Starfish Teacher:

  • Kirstyn Moss

Turtles Teacher:

  • Elizabeth Rickman

Teaching Assistants:

  • Jenna Baker
  • Becky Shawyer

Reception Cover Teacher

  • Jennifer Byrne

Welcome to the spring term where we look forward to the continuing partnerships between home and school.
The Reception team are looking forward to a fun and exciting spring term. We hope to continue working in partnership with you to ensure your child’s first year at school continues to be a happy and successful one.
This letter is designed to give you some helpful information about the coming term, specific to Reception. Please refer to the class notice board for more information, reminders and requests and please do not hesitate to see your child’s class team if you have any specific queries.

Recommended Books for Foundation stage

Spring TERM 2023 at Nelson

Overview  – Spring 1


  • This first half term our overall topic is “Where can stories take us?”. We will be exploring traditional and well-known tales which the children may already be familiar with, such as Jack and the Beanstalk and The Gingerbread Man. In the second half term our topic will be “What is living in our environment?” where, amongst other things, we will be finding out about “new life.”
    • We encourage children to contribute to our topics in school and children may be invited to bring in topic-related items of interest.
    • As well as this, in keeping with Reception good practice and ethos, we also continue to respond to children’s interests and ideas and incorporate them, where possible, into our curriculum and learning.
    • This year in March, we are happy to say we will be welcoming to Reception the ever popular “ready –to- hatch” eggs. We will be taking delivery of an incubator, with 10 eggs, which will all hopefully hatch into fluffy chicks. During the two weeks, the children will be able to witness the wonder of new life at first hand!
    • In March, we will also be receiving a visit from Mill Farm cottage, and the children will have an opportunity to interact with a variety of animals.

Learning Journeys

  • Your child will keep their own Learning Journey in class. We invite you to contribute to this with “WOW” moments. More information about this will be sent home soon.


If your child is having a hot school lunch, please remember to select the meal in advance via Parent Pay, when you receive your log in details. Prior to receiving these, you can select your choice on the paper form and return this to school. Please speak to the school office if you have any questions.

Parent Helpers

We are always looking for volunteers to help within the classroom and on trips. To do this you WILL NEED a DBS check, which the school office can help you with.


We send letters and important information regarding your child’s learning home in their book bags. Please ensure they are bought to school daily and check them on a regular basis.


On PE days, children should come to school in their PE kits and will remain in them all day. Please see the Nelson Starter Pack to find out about the correct kit. We will not begin PE sessions until we feel the children are well settled. We will inform you of when we intend to start. PE day will be on Wednesday and Mr Abbott, who is our school PE teacher, will lead the sessions.

Spare Clothes

Occasionally children may have a toileting accident. We have spare clothes if they need to change; however, if you prefer you may choose to put some spare clothes in your child’s bookbag, or in a bag which can remain on their peg.


In Reception we have two snack times; mid-morning and mid-afternoon each day.

The school provides 1 portion of fruit or vegetable snacks for all children on a daily basis and we ask that you please provide the other. In keeping with the wider healthy eating policy of the school, please only send a fruit or vegetable snack. We feel that this not only helps promote a positive attitude to healthy eating but also encourages good eating habits. Please remember that if you are providing this in a container, please clearly name label it. We are a NUT FREE school and have children allergic, so please DO NOT bring in anything containing nuts.

Cake Sale and Assembly Dates

Turtle: Cake sale – Friday 26th May. Assembly – Thursday 8th June (9:30am)
Starfish: Cake sale – Friday 9th June. Assembly – Friday 16th June (9:30am)

Named Property

May we remind you – please remember to label ALL children’s clothing, snack pots and water bottles, etc with your child’s name.


If your child needs any medication administered at school, it must be prescribed. Please contact the school office for more information.


You will be sent details for a parent pay account. Please sign up as you will be sent correspondents from school through this account.

Class Pets

Each class has a toy pet which will go home with a child every Friday to spend the weekend with you. Tim Turtle and Sid Starfish are looking forward to their adventures.

End of day pick up.

If your child is being collected at the end of the day by someone different, please inform the class teacher. You many also email or phone the school to inform us if there are any changes to pick up. We can only send children home with confirmed adults.

Toys From Home

We ask that children do not bring in toys from home, as we cannot guarantee they will not get lost or damaged.

We hope you have found this information helpful. We aim to keep parents as involved and informed as possible. Please do not hesitate to ask your child’s teacher or other members of the Reception team if you have a question or just wish to have a chat about any of the above.
Best wishes and thank you for your support. The Reception Team

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