• Lisa Webb, Teacher Starfish
  • Jenna Geary, Teacher Turtles

Nursery Nurses / Teaching Assistants:

  • Rosie Johnson, Teaching Assistant
  • Karema El-Hawary, Teaching Assistant
  • Sayma Rahmatullah, Teaching Assistant
  • Rebecca Shawyer, Teaching Assistant

First of all a big thank you to all parents for their support in the Autumn term. We hope you all enjoyed our Christmas concerts and had a wonderful Christmas holiday.

The Reception team are looking forward to a fun and exciting Spring term. We hope to continue working in partnership with you to ensure your child’s first year at school continues to be a happy and successful one.

This letter is designed to give you some helpful information about the coming term, specific to Reception. Please refer to the new Reception class notice board round by Starfish class for more information, reminders and requests and please do not hesitate to see your child’s class team if you have any specific queries.


This first half term our topic is “Where can stories take us?” when we will be exploring traditional and well-known tales with which the children may already be familiar with such as Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In the second half term our topic will be “What is living in our environment?” where, amongst other things, we will be finding out about “new life”

As always, we encourage children to contribute to our topics in school and children may be invited to bring in topic-related items of interest.

As well as this, in keeping with Reception good practice and ethos, we also continue to respond to children’s interests and ideas and incorporate them, where possible, into our curriculum and learning.

This year on March 18th, we are happy to say we will be welcoming to Reception the ever popular “ready –to- hatch” eggs. We will be taking delivery of 2 incubators, each with 10 eggs, which will all hopefully hatch into fluffy chicks. Over the following two weeks the children will be able to witness the wonder of new life at first hand!

To continue with our egg theme and prepare for Easter we are inviting parents to come into school on the afternoon of Wednesday 27th March to help decorate an egg with your child. More information to follow.


We are happy to say Reception children are making great progress both with their understanding of phonics and with their general reading skills. Most importantly, the children are developing a genuine enjoyment of reading. Thank you for your continued support with this by reading at home, commenting in the reading diaries and practising with the “Sound Books” and tricky words. Please continue to send your child’s book bag every day. Thank you also to those parents who have been able to become regular reading volunteers in Reception. The children are very much enjoying it and benefiting from your contribution.

Learning Journeys

Your child will continue to focus on their own individual Learning Journey. You are invited to contribute to this with your child and we will be sending the Learning Journeys home for you to do so. Again, we will ask you to share your child’s “WOW” moments with us! (Please find attached some “WOW” notelets for your use.) These provide an opportunity for you and your child to share with the class any significant moments in development and achievement, which you identify.

Parent Helpers and Readers

We continue to invite parents into class to help with class activities and reading. The weekly timetable will be on the class notice board for you to sign up if you wish.

Named Property

Please remember to label ALL children’s clothing, snack pots and lunch boxes etc with your child’s name. This is especially important to remember when the children grow and plimsolls, and other clothing, are replaced.

Reception Parent Consultations

These will take place Monday 18th and Thursday 21st March 2019 Details will be given later.

Reception Cake Sales

Starfish- Friday 25th January

Turtles – No cake sale this term

Morning Routine

After the Autumn term of “settling in”, this term we will be focusing on encouraging all Reception children to be as confident, independent and as “grown up” as they can possibly be.

Therefore, in support of this, wherever possible, we would please ask you to say “Goodbye” to your child outside the classroom and encourage them to come in with their belongings by themselves. This will greatly enhance and develop your child’s self-confidence.

We hope you have found this information helpful. We aim to keep parents as involved and informed as possible. Please do not hesitate to ask your child’s teacher or other members of the Reception team if you have a question or just wish to have a chat about any of the above.

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