Year 1



  • Chloe Adams, Teacher 1A
  • Lucia Lopez-Mata, Teacher 1L

Teaching Assistants

  • Nicola Bryant, Teaching Assistant
  • Rosie Johnson, Teaching Assistant
  • Loraine Smith, Teaching Assistant
  • Caroline Duncan, Teaching Assistant
  • Debbie Faircloth, Teaching Assistant
  • Nita Shah, Teaching Assistant
  • Amanda Gaughan, Teaching Assistant

We hope that you and your child had a happy and relaxing Christmas break. We are looking forward to an exciting term ahead in Year One. Please read this letter carefully as it is designed to give you information about the curriculum this term, some general information and useful dates for your diary.


Our curriculum map, which provides an overview of our learning focus for this half term. Our main topic is ‘Once Upon a Time’ and we have arranged a Year 1 “Knights and Princesses” workshop paid by PTA, so thank you! We would like to invite children to dress as a Knight or Princess for the day.

Knight and princess day Spring Term

Reading and Book Bags

We have been really pleased to read about all the wonderful home-reading that has been going on since September. The comments in the diary are highly valued by the teachers and they form an important part of your child’s reading journey. Your child should be reading at least four times a week at home. Remember to feel free to record home and library books or other reading material that your child has read and enjoyed. May we also remind you that the children may remain on their book colour for a longer period of time as we are focusing on phonics, fluency and comprehension and skills.

Reading in Year 1


Phonics spring 1 2019

Phonics in year 1

Spelling Quiz

As part of our ongoing work to encourage the children to spell a greater variety of key words correctly, we will continue to practice spelling a short list of target words each week. We will be checking these spellings in a weekly spelling quiz.

Learning to spell key words 2018- Spring 1


School uniform and PE Kits

Please ensure that your child’s school uniform and P.E kit is clearly labelled. This is particularly important when we change for P.E lessons as various items of clothing often get muddled up or mislaid! Please also ensure that your child has a full P.E kit that can be kept in school (T-shirt, shorts and well-fitting trainers). Try to avoid lace up trainers if your child is unable to tie them. It is also a good idea to keep a spare pair of sock in the P.E bags, especially if your child wears tights to school.


During January we have a Knights and Princesses day where the children dress up and take part in a workshop. This is on Wednesday 16th January.

1L Cake sale- Friday 18th January.

Assembly dates

1A- 22nd March

1L- 29th March

General Information


Children will be eating school dinners or a packed lunch in the hall.


All children should have a piece of fruit at morning playtime. A school fruit basket is available all children.

Water bottles

Children may bring water to school each day in a plastic bottle with a spill-proof top. Please remember to put your child’s name on the bottle, which should be brought home at the end of each day to be washed and refilled.

P.E. Kit

Children need a t-shirt*, shorts*, socks and correct sized trainers with Velcro which should be kept in a PE bag* on their peg. Please name all items and check that trainers fit.


Please ensure that the office has up-to-date information regarding medication for children to be administered at school.

Contact Address and Telephone Numbers

If you have moved recently or changed your home or mobile telephone number, please let the office staff know. It is important that we can contact you quickly if your child is unwell.

Class Notice Boards

Each class has its own notice board for messages. If you wish to post a notice, please first show it to the class teacher. Information of immediate interest to all parents is written on the white board at the pedestrian entrance.

Parent helpers and DBS Clearance

We really appreciate the support that parent helpers can offer in school from parent reading to supervising visits outside of school. As you can appreciate, we are only able to ask parents who have an up-to-date DBS form. Please speak to the office if you need to apply for clearance or if you are unsure whether your DBS form is up to date. Thank you.

If you have any queries regarding any of the information in this letter, please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to working closely with you to ensure that your child enjoys a happy and successful spring term.

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