Year 1 Curriculum Spring 2

Amazing Body! Amazing Planet!

Successful Learners

Areas of learning

  • As geographers we will investigate different habitats and compare these in different continents.
  • As scientists we will look at seasonal changes. Identify and investigate different body parts. Explore our different senses.
  • As artists we will explore different materials and how we can manipulate them to achieve different effects e.g. scrunching, twisting and weaving.
  • As theologians we will learn about Sikhism and Easter!
  • As dancers we will perform dances with simple movements

Confident Individuals


  • The children will research and find out information about endangered animals.

Responsible Citizens


  • The children will be looking how to look after our planet by recycling.

Spiritual & Moral

  • The children will learn strategies to develop growth mindset.


  • The children will find out more about their local area and suggest improvements that could be made.

Year 1 Spring 2 overview

Year 1 Spring 2 POS