Year 2

Welcome To Year 2



  • Miss Lewis, Mrs Church, Ms El-Hawary- 2LC
  • Mrs Mills – 2M

Teacher Assistant

  • Miss Bryant

We hope that you and your children have had a wonderful summer and that they are now raring to start their journey in Year 2. We have had a fantastic time getting to know our classes during these first few days, and we are looking forward to working with you and your children to ensure a very happy and productive year!

‘Getting to Know You’ Information

Year 2 Getting to Know you

Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words

Y2 Useful Tools booklet Nelson

Recommended books for Year 2

Year 2 Curriculum 

We kick off the year with our first creative topic: Mighty Me! We will be looking at how we can keep our bodies mighty within our Science unit on Healthy Living and our Physical Education lessons; how we can keep our minds mighty by being keen to learn and working hard to achieve our best; what makes US mighty by looking at why we are proud to be who we are within our learning; and using our mighty investigative skills finding out where we live within our Geography unit on the British Isles and its surrounding continents and oceans.

Year 2 Summer 1 Termly Letter 2021

Summer 1 and 2 Overview 2020 to 2021

Summer 1 and 2 POS 2020 to 2021


Within Year 2 we strive to create an environment which promotes the love of reading. Your child’s teacher will regularly create many opportunities within school for: independent reading, small group reading, as well as whole class stories. During this first week, your child will be supported in how to choose a school reading book independently by using the colour coded book system. Making their own choice of book is important for children as it encourages curiosity and enjoyment. Your child will have an opportunity to change their reading book each day if they wish. (They will be encouraged to this this each morning as they come into school.) Over the year, your child’s teacher will carry out ongoing assessments of your child’s reading to ensure the correct time for them to progress to the next colour band.

Parent reading at home and at school

Learning to read gives your child an invaluable tool for life: it opens a whole new world of understanding, feelings and imagination. The more you can help support your child’s reading, the more pleasure they will gain while developing this vital skill. Your child will bring home a Reading Record booklet where you will be able to communicate with your child’s teacher when you have read with your child. This is collected in once a week by the class teacher. We hope that this is a pleasurable way for you to help your child learn to read and love books. You can read the book and share the story together. Encourage your child to talk about what is happening in the pictures, ask them questions or get them to predict what might happen.

Learning at home

Within Year 2 we hold times table quizzes (‘The Good Times Challenge’) in class which the children will be able to practice for at home. They will also be having a weekly list of spellings to learn. We will be sending home a letter with further details of this so that you can support your child in this area of development.

Routines and Reminders

Start of the day routine

The children can enter their classroom from 8:40am – 9:00am. Please say goodbye to your child in the playground by your child’s classroom. At the door, a teacher or teaching assistant will greet your child. If you need to relay message to the class teacher please email it to the office who will then pass it on. We are hoping that this gradual entry will provide a relaxed start to the day in which your child is encouraged to organise their things and complete a morning task.

End of the day routine

Each class will be dismissed from the door of their classroom.  Note: Teachers will not permit children to leave their care until a parent or other authorised adult is identified. Children who have not been collected by 3.15pm will be taken to our welfare room.

Notice Board

Each class has a notice board area on the window that provides important information, such as: cake sales, timetables, trip reminders, ‘special’ days. Information can also be gathered from the office when required.                                                                                            

Class representatives

Each class will need two class representatives for the year. Please let your child’s class teacher know as soon as you can if you wish to be a class rep.

Important reminders


Please ensure that the office/welfare has up to date information regarding medication for children to be administered at school. Also please check that medication is within date. This is particularly important for Epipens and asthma inhalers.

Contact Addresses and Telephone numbers:

If you have moved recently or changed home or mobile telephone number, please let us know. It is vital that we can contact you quickly if your child is unwell.

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