Year 2



  • Mr Blom – 2B Class Teacher
  • Mrs Mills – 2M Class Teacher

Teacher Assistant

  • Nicola Bryant, Teaching Assistant
  • Rosie Johnson, Teaching Assistant
  • Loraine Smith, Teaching Assistant
  • Caroline Duncan, Teaching Assistant
  • Debbie Faircloth, Teaching Assistant
  • Nita Shah, Teaching Assistant
  • Amanda Gaughan, Teaching Assistant

We have enjoyed a remarkable Autumn and Spring term in Year 2 and are flabbergasted at how quickly the Summer term has arrived. In the topics covered so far we have learnt what it means to be Mighty; got creative during Flash, Bang, Whizz; travelled across the globe as Intrepid Explorers; and persevered to pass the Space Cadet program. In the Summer term we will be learning what it means to be a Daring Discoverer.

Learning at home

Thank you for all your support with the homework grid activities. We have been amazed by the enthusiasm and wonderful skills your children are exhibiting in their work. They have gained so much confidence sharing their work with the whole class and we will be continuing with the homework grid this term.



As part of our ‘Young Gardeners’ science topic, we are looking at plants and considering what they need in order to grow. We are growing plants from seeds at school and recording changes over time. Your child will also be given a sunflower seed in the coming weeks to grow at home. This can be planted outside and if possible your child can watch it grow over time. See how tall the sunflower can become! Discuss with your child where the best place to plant the seed might be.


In the second half of term we will give each child the opportunity to speak about a topic of their choice to their class for five minutes. This is then followed with five minutes of a Q&A session. We feel public speaking is an invaluable tool for life and this opportunity can provide children with the chance to develop confidence and the ability to present in front of their peers. Nearer the time, you will receive a letter which will give more guidance about preparing for the soapbox and the date of your child’s soapbox. These will also be on the class notice boards as a reminder.   

End of Key Stage 1 Tests

During May we will be undertaking the end of Key Stage 1 tests for Maths, Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. This is a time for your child to independently put into practice what they have been learning throughout the year. Your child will have plenty of time to complete the tests and will be doing a myriad of exciting craft based activities alongside them in order to make it a very special month. We try to make these ‘quizzes’ as relaxed as possible so please don’t worry yourselves about doing anything out of the ordinary at home during this time. A hearty breakfast and lots of sleep is sure to help them, though!


In the second half of the term we will be concentrating on easing the transition for your child from Year 2 to Year 3. This will involve: visiting the Year 3 classrooms, the opportunity to play in the Key Stage 2 playground and PSHE/Circle Time sessions.

Once again, we have had a truly outstanding year so far and are very proud of the growing maturity, resilience and team work the chilldren have continually demonstrated throughout the year.

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