Year 2 Curriculum Summer 1

Daring Discoveries and Imagination?

Successful Learners

Areas of learning

  • As geographers we will find out about Kingston, Jamaica and compare the environment and culture to that of Kingston upon Thames, England.
  • As historians we will identify important historical figures that impacted Jamaican society. We will learn about Christopher Columbus’ journeys and the impact this had on other people. We will compare Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.
  • As scientists we will name plant parts and understand the functions of plant parts. We will name different plants e.g. vegetables, flowers and grow plants from seeds. We will investigate conditions needed for growth. We will make a miniature garden having sourced materials ourselves on a nature walk.
  • We will investigate how different objects move. We will consider: forces used in making something move, and testing paper aeroplanes. We will investigate making things move in the air e.g. kites, and rockets. We will compare how things move, changing objects so that they move in different ways and at different distances.
  • In English, we will look at the Roald Dahl story of James and the Giant Peach. We will get creative, imaginative and expand our minds!

Responsible Citizens

Cooking and Nutrition

  • We will use our prior knowledge of a healthy and varied diet to prepare fruit drinks or smoothies. We will examine the range of fruit and vegetables, providing opportunities to handle, taste and smell in order to describe them when evaluating.


  • We will develop an understanding of how local environments impact differences in the lives of people.

Spiritual & Moral

  • We will learn about other cultures, showing acceptance and understanding towards them, their beliefs and cultures.


  • We will examine how our local community differs from other communities and identify the reasons for this.


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Year 2 Summer Overview

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Year 2 Summer POS