Year 3



  • Roma Shanmugam, Teacher 3S
  • Sabreena Bhawon, Teacher 3B

Teaching Assistants

  • Shireen Baker, Teaching Assistant
  • Andrew Howes, Teaching Assistant
  • Ashifa Sumar, Teaching Assistant
  • Sam Smith, Teaching Assistant
  • Ornella Power, Teaching Assistant
  • Louise Gunter, Teaching Assistant
  • Simone Scott, Teaching Assistant
  • Nita Shah, Teaching Assistant

We hope that you had a restful Easter break and ready for the final term ahead.


The curriculum map attached gives you an overview of the work that will be covered during the Summer Term. Our topic this term is ‘Discover and Create’. This will form an important aspect of our English, Maths and Science this term.

As part of this topic in Science, we will be investigating threats to temperate plants by taking on the Kew Gardens ‘Power of Persuasion’ challenge. The children will research threats to temperate plants and write, perform and record a 3-minute speech on their findings. We will also be looking at what plants provide for us in relation to medicine and food and how they contribute to our overall health and well-being.

In Summer 2, we will begin to explore the changes ahead for the children with their move to Year 4. We will talk about how change can make you feel and provide opportunities for the children to share any concerns and excitement about the changes ahead.

Dates for your diary

  • 14th May 2019 – Visit
  • 26th June 2019 – Visit


Please ensure that the medical team have any relevant medication and that this medication is up-to-date.

Please continue reading with your child at every opportunity. As you are aware this is perhaps the most important and enabling skill that a child can have and allows them the freedom to access the delights of the world. The more they practice reading with you and to you; to themselves; to friends and family the more the world will open up for them.


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