Year 4 Curriculum Spring

To boldly go

Areas of learning

  • As historians, we will be learning about the Aztecs and how their civilisation shaped modern Mexico.
  • As geographers, we will be learning about the different continents and the countries within them.
  • As scientists, we will be investigating how the digestive system works. Looking at teeth and how we can take care of them.
  • As artists, we will be designing, imagining and presenting new ideas of planets, landscapes and alien life forms.
  • As writers we will develop our ability to use adjectives and figurative language and similes to describe settings effectively, e.g., in science fiction. We will also develop our understanding of how to construct a story with suspense.

Responsible Citizens


  • We will be thinking about how to respect other cultures and their beliefs through the children’s participation in Latchmere Goes Global.


  • We will be discussing how our health can affect our lives. We will be considering the impact of what we eat can have on our environment.

Spiritual & Moral

  • When studying the European exploration of the New World we will consider the – often disastrous – effects on the indigenous peoples.


  • We will invite parents to watch our class assemblies. We will also invite our parents and buddies to see our display of alien artefacts created on Science fiction day.

Spring POS