Year 4 Spring Curriculum

To Boldly Go…

Successful Learners

Areas of learning

  • As historians, we will be learning about the Aztecs and how their civilisation shaped modern Mexico.
  • As geographers, we will be learning about the different continents and the countries within them.
  • As scientists, we will be investigating how matter changes its state. Also, we will be understanding how sound is created.
  • As artists, we will be designing, imagining and presenting new ideas of planets, landscapes and alien life forms.
  • As writers, we will develop our ability to use adjectives and figurative language and similes to describe settings effectively,┬áIn science fiction. We will also develop our understanding of how to construct a story with suspense and intrigue.

Responsible Citizens

Cooking and Nutrition

  • We will be considering how altering states of matter is inherent to the processes of cooking and food production.


  • We will be studying how natural and man-made sounds are created and their impact on our environment.

Spiritual & Moral

  • When studying the European exploration of the New World we will consider the impact on the indigenous peoples.


  • We will be investigating cultures and communities in different countries and considering how they compare to ours.