Year 4 Curriculum Summer

Summer Term 1 – A World of Pure Imagination

Successful Learners

Areas of learning

  • As scientists at teeth and digestion and changing states of solids liquids and gases.
  • As readers we will recognize that every story involves a change of some kind; we will look at story structures. Stories from different cultures, different environments and stories with issues.
  • As geographers we will study the culture, people, landscape, customs, wildlife and history of Brazil.
  • As design technicians, we will develop our sewing skills, analyse, and design coin purses to safely hold change

Confident Individuals


  • We will investigate whether we can create links with Brazilian ecologists, raise awareness of deforestation through different mediums.

Responsible Citizens


  • We will consider how climate change will affect the futures of Brazil and local areas.

Spiritual & Moral

  • We will be discussing stories in which characters face dilemmas and have to make difficult choices. We consider why one might choose to change oneself.


  • As members of the global community, we will hope to email contacts in Brazil, to share our concerns about the current state of the world and about changes in the future.

Year 4 Summer 1 Overview