Year 5

Welcome To Year 5



  • Peter Gardner, Teacher 5G
  • Miss Newman, Teacher 5N
  • Ms Hayley Lewis & Mrs Eileen Church , Teacher 5LC

Teaching Assistants

  • Shireen Baker, Teaching Assistant
  • Ashifa Sumar, Teaching Assistant
  • Sam Smith, Teaching Assistant
  • Ornella Power, Teaching Assistant
  • Louise Gunter, Teaching Assistant
  • Simone Scott, Teaching Assistant
  • Nita Shah, Teaching Assistant

We hope you had a good summer and that your child will settle quickly and happily into Year 5.

We greatly appreciate your support with the Friday cake sales which help to enrich your child’s classroom.

Cake Sales

The cake sales are currently planned as follows:

  • Friday 27th September- 5LC
    Friday 11th October- 5G
    Friday 14th February- 5N

Reading books should be brought to school every day. In the meantime, we hope that your child will maintain a regular reading habit at home and complete at least one reading diary entry per week. This has been discussed already during lessons.

‘Good Times’ Tables Challenge

The ‘Good Times’ Tables Challenge will take place on Mondays. Class assemblies are planned as follows:

  • Friday 22nd November 2019 – 5G
  • Friday 15th May- 5N
  • Friday 12TH June- 5LC


Each Year 5 class will soon be visiting A River Thames Boat Project as part of their geographical studies. The dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday 15th October 2019 – 5N
  • Wednesday 16th October – 5G
  • Thursday 17TH October- 5LC

Year 5 will also be taking part in a Victorian workshop on Thursday 16th January and an Ancient Greece workshop on Monday 27th March.

Getting to Know you Meeting

Finally, we invite you to the Year 5 Getting to Know You meeting which has been arranged for:

  • Monday 16th September at 9.05 am.

We will provide you with a brief outline of the curriculum we have planned for your child this year and give preliminary details about the residential visit which will run in February.

Each class will need two class representatives for the year. If you are interested, please sign up at the Year 5 Getting to Know You meeting.

We look forward to working with you and with your child throughout the year.

Reflection Videos

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Autumn Term 1 2018

Summer Term 1 2018