Year 5 Curriculum Autumn

Autumn Term 1 – Superheroes and Super Space

Successful Learners

Areas of learning

  • In science we will be learning about space and the Solar System. Through the lenses of literacy and science, we will be looking at the different planets as well as scientists through the ages.
  • In geography we will be exploring rivers and the impact of humans on our local river, The Thames at Teddington Lock.
  • In RE we will look at rules and guidelines.
  • In PE we will be improving our existing key techniques in rugby and gymnastics.
  • Our focus in maths will be place value and in English our writing will be based around superheroes.

Confident Individuals


  • Children will explore the meanings of fixed and growth mindsets and how we can change our mindset.

Responsible Citizens


  • Children look at the environmental factors on the way we commute to school and how we can improve our healthy lifestyle so that it has a positive impact on the environment.

Spiritual & Moral

  • As pupils, we will recognise new beginnings that happen in our lifetimes. We will recognise the cycle of life, at what age we would expect these new beginnings to happen.


  • Children will look at the rules and guidelines of various faiths and populations and how these beliefs influence society.

Year 5 Autumn 1 Overview