“It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.” Jim Rohn


Our context and curriculum

We expect the best of and for every child and family at Nelson.

Here at Nelson, community is vitally important to us. We are situated in the heart of Whitton, a multi-cultural town, with Twickenham Rugby Stadium within walking distance. Our school community is made up of generational families: families whose parents and even grandparents came to this school and have chosen to stay in this area. We have families from Whitton, Twickenham and Hounslow who make up our close-knit school community and provide a range of culture, ethnicity and diversity for us to celebrate and draw upon. We purposefully draw upon this community by celebrating Whitton through our Geography studies, inviting guests to our school to enhance the R.E, music and PE curriculum and by encouraging our children to join in with events such as food festivals and the St George’s Day Parade for example.

Our curriculum, therefore, reflects diversity and community spirit whilst providing a solid foundation of learning for our pupils. We offer a knowledge engaged curriculum which embraces enquiry skills and critical thinking. Our after-school provision of enrichment activities also broadens and nourishes children’s interests. From yoga to fencing to sewing to chess to tennis – there is something for everyone with this outward looking variety.

Language and reading are at the heart of all we do. Language acquisition or ‘word talk’ is central to our approach. We place great emphasis on oracy by modelling language, celebrating home languages and exposing the children to high quality vocabulary. A rigorous phonics programme provides the skills needed for fluency in reading which then enables the children to develop a range of comprehension skills such as retrieval and inference. Skills which are then utilised across the whole curriculum allowing the children to learn more and remember more. The children are exposed to high quality texts throughout their time at Nelson. This ensures that the children leave here with a great tome of literature and knowledge of authors and genres and this helps to prepare the pupils for their next stage of education.

We are aspirational for our pupils. Our broad and balanced curriculum exposes the children to the full range of subjects. Each subject is distinctive with its own set of knowledge and skills. We use knowledge organisers to secure the specific knowledge and vocabulary we have identified and we embrace learning skills through our ‘Building Learning Power’ philosophy.

We hope you enjoy finding out more about our curriculum by looking at the subject tabs.