Our teaching helps the children grow into confident and competent mathematicians with a positive attitude. They have regular opportunities to learn collaboratively, discussing and evaluating approaches as they go along, which contributes to developing reasoning skills.

We make use of a variety of resources, including practical and IT-based materials, so that children can access mathematical concepts in ways that are both appropriate and exciting. We follow the National Curriculum to inform our mathematics teaching, developing and extending this creatively to enrich children’s learning.

Children progressively build upon their knowledge and understanding of number as they are taught how to perform calculations with efficiency by using both mental and written methods. From Year 1 and upwards, children participate in the Good Times Challenge which helps to increase their quick recall of key number facts.

The children are routinely engaged in activities that encourage them to use and apply their mathematical knowledge in problem-solving. These allow them to make connections between different topics and consolidate their understanding.