Pupil Parliament

Year 5 have been involved in Richmond’s Pupil Parliament. The Pupil Parliament, which came into being in 1994 is now an established event helping Primary pupils to become directly involved in citizenship and promotes British values.

Pupils debate and contribute their views to the borough council on many issues. Including anti-racist strategies, sports and recreation strategies; as well as the wider issues of the school curriculum and immigration. The parliament consists of two representatives from each of the participating schools.

Nelson takes part in the Pupil Parliament elections because it provides an opportunity for the understanding and exercise of democracy at Nelson. It ensures a high level of participation from all pupils, not only those who are elected as members of the pupil parliament. It raises awareness of the views of younger pupils on a range of school and local issues.

All of Year 5 had to create speeches on this topic:

“It’s your education”

“Is education so focused on testing and a narrow academic curriculum that opportunities for creativity, physical and social education are neglected and children more likely to feel stressed and unhappy?”

6 boys and 6 girls were then selected across Year 5 to run as Nelson Pupil parliament candidates. Each candidate selected their campaign team (other pupils) who managed their campaign making posters, rosettes, election addresses, etc.  Hustings were then held in school assembly, where Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 were asked to secretly vote on voting cards.

The two MPP’s that won the election were Sienna 5Le and Zane 5La.


The MPPs will represent Nelson on Pupil Parliament day in October in the council chambers of York House, Twickenham.