A committed, passionate and dedicated team

All adults who work at Nelson, whatever their role, are committed, passionate and dedicated to supporting children and work together as a team to give our children the best possible opportunities and learning experiences.


  • Anna Steels,  Executive Headteacher
  • Sian Ward, Head of School
  • Fionnuala Howard, SENDCo
  • Hayley Lewis, Assistant Head and Phase Leader Y1 & Y2
  • Coleen Norman, Leader of Emotional Wellbeing and Safeguarding
  • Kate McDonald, Phase Leader
  • Mary Newman, Phase Leader

Early Years: Reception

  • Kirstyn Moss, Starfish Teacher
  • Lizzie Rickman, Turtle Teacher
  • Jenna Baker, Teaching Assistant
  • Becky Shawyer, Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 1: Year 1 & Year 2

  • Lucia Lopez-Mata, Teacher 1L
  • Denise Mills, Teacher 2M
  • Lynn Buttolph, Teaching Assistant
  • Teresa Garland, Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 2: Years 3, 4, 5 & 6

  • Aneen Nicholas, Teacher 3N
  • Sabreena Bhawon, Teacher 3B
  • Matthew Blom, Teacher 4B
  • Alison Scott, Teacher 5S
  • Barbora Miklasova, Teacher 5M
  • Kate McDonald, Teacher 6M
  • Mary Newman, Teacher 6N
  • Ornella Power, Teaching Assistant
  • Nita Shah, Teaching Assistant
  • Nicola Bryant, Teaching Assistant
  • Louise Gunter, Teaching Assistant
  • Sam Smith, Teaching Assistant
  • Caroline Duncan, Teaching Assistant
  • Shireen Baker, Teaching Assistant

Inclusion Team

  • Caroline Duncan, Emotional Literacy Support Assistant
  • Ornella Power, EAL Support Assistant

Specialist Teachers

  • Peter Abbott, PE Coach

Welfare, Pastoral and School Meals Supervisor Assistants (SMSA)

  • Georgina De Wet Steyn, Welfare Officer
  • Nita Shah, Welfare Officer
  • Leiann Coster, SMSA
  • Toey Dewberry, SMSA
  • Pat Bishop, SMSA

Kitchen staff

  • Donna Johnson, Catering Manger
  • Kalavalli Jeyendran
  • Nida Rana

Administration & Site

  • Angela Cavill, Office Manager/PA to Headteacher
  • Julie Smith, Administration Assistant
  • Chris Lal, Administration Assistant
  • Ashley Noel, Site Manager