School Development Plan

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Our School Development Plan

Each academic year, we create our School Development Plan (SDP). This is a plan which identifies the areas we will be working on as a school over the year. For Nelson, our current SDP is a 3-year plan, detailing our current key priorities. It is a working document, and although there won’t be major changes to the plan, as we put the children at the heart of everything we do, changes may take place to ensure this happens.

The plan is written in collaboration with staff, governors, children and parents. We review a wide range of information, such as feedback from pupils and parents, data reports, monitoring and inspections from Ofsted and the Local Authority to identify our priorities.

Our SDP is broken down into 5 big objectives.

Focus 1: To implement and embed the Wandle phonics teaching programme and develop a clear, consistent strategy for reading in KS2.

Focus 2: To ensure the best possible teaching and support for disadvantaged pupils, including those with Special Educational Needs and ensure there is demonstrative impact of the Pupil Premium strategy.

Focus 3: To further develop subjects/the curriculum across the school and the role of Subject Leaders to ensure they have a deep understanding of their subject area, including areas of strength and areas for development across the school.

Focus 4: To raise the profile of Nelson within the local community.

Focus 5: To improve the well-being of staff and children.

It is a large document which is continually added to as the year progresses. Therefore, I have attached a visual version of our School Development Plan (SDP), which hopefully shares our key priorities without you needing to read pages and pages!

You have a key role in your child’s learning journey here at Nelson and the partnership between school and home has never been so important.

After reading the summary, if you feel there is an area you could contribute towards or would like to discuss with me, please do get in touch.