We are passionate about art at Nelson School. We aim to develop a love of art through the main strands of the National Curriculum which are producing creative work, proficiency in techniques, evaluating and analysing creative works and knowing about great artists, designers and craft makers.

The children are encouraged to experiment and express their ideas using a range of materials, tools and techniques. They learn to express their thoughts and feelings and record what they see with increasing accuracy and attention to detail. They study works from a diverse range of artists such as Holbein, Cezanne, Seurat, Van Gogh, Velazquez, Beatriz Milhazes, David Hockney, Miro, Hokusai, Bridget Riley which represent a variety of cultures and eras both traditional and contemporary. Many art lessons make meaningful links to other subjects such as English, history, science, RE and geography.
The children record their learning in sketch books. This enables the children to reflect on their learning and the progress they make. Children at Nelson have opportunities to use a variety of resources in a dedicated art room as well as using our outdoor environment to inspire their work.

Nelson School also offers an after-school Art Club for aspiring young artists which is led by one of the school’s enthusiastic, dedicated teachers, Mrs Lopez. Miss Bond runs a mindful colouring club for Years 1 and 2 too.