Nelson has a strong music tradition developed over many years. The Early Years curriculum has numerous opportunities for music making within the school day and there are singing opportunities abound throughout all year groups. We aim for children to develop a love of music through the three main strands of the National Curriculum which are Listening, Composing and Performing. Within these strands, the children will explore and develop an understanding of the elements of music such as pitch, rhythm, tempo and dynamics.

Cross-curricular links are a strong element of music making and within this, pupils have the opportunity to develop an understanding of the history of music and an appreciation of varying musical cultures around the world.

We are very much a singing school and hold regular singing assemblies for both Key Stages. A flourishing choir meets weekly and has the opportunity to perform at annual events with other school choirs. We also offer recorder club, guitar/ukulele club and drum lessons.

Pupils have access to tuition delivered by tutors from Richmond Music Trust and every pupil has the opportunity to learn an instrument as a whole class.

Performance is a regular part of the musical life of Nelson, either as part of the music lesson, or concerts for parents. Our Christmas concerts in Early Years and KS1 are a highlight of the year and the Year 6 production in the summer term is an opportunity for pupils to showcase their skills in a variety of ways: singing, dance, acting, along with stage hands and sound technicians.