At Nelson our children are naturally curious about the world around them and this spirit of enquiry is at the centre or our Geography studies. Every year groups makes use of the local area to develop geographical skills and concepts. We are especially keen to develop fieldwork skills of the local area by exploring our local town of Whitton. The immediate vicinity is used by year groups to develop map skills and gain a deeper understanding of its development. Further afield, children in Year 5 visit the River Thames as part of their learning about rivers and we encourage participation in day and residential visits.

In KS1, children broaden their knowledge and understanding of geography by exploring the United Kingdom as well as the continents and oceans of the world. This provides the foundations to continue their geographical knowledge and skills throughout their time in school. In KS2, children will extend their learning by delving into the rainforest, exploring other countries around the world, learning about the Fairtrade as well as exploring volcanoes and other natural wonders.

At Nelson we are keen to celebrate the wider world and our Global Awareness Week is a highlight of the curriculum calendar. Every year, each class chooses a different country where they appreciate its culture, the culinary delights it offers and the significance of the national costumes.

Now more than ever we want to encourage our geographers to be mindful of our planet and its sustainability. We will promote environmental awareness which will be at the forefront of our learning and provides a firm foundation for our children to continue their learning at secondary school.

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