Support for Parents/carers

At Nelson Primary we are committed to providing our families with holistic child cantered support. We take pride in our open-door policy, ensuring that someone is always available to speak with you when needed. In this section, we've compiled valuable information to guide you in accessing support from external agencies, should the need arise.


There are numerous websites offering a wealth of safeguarding information, and here are some key examples that may serve as starting points


  • NSPCC: Provides resources to help adults respond to children disclosing abuse.
  • Barnardo's: A UK charity dedicated to caring for and supporting some of the most vulnerable children and young people through various services.
  • Victim Support: Offers support for children, young people, parents, and professionals affected by crime, regardless of whether a crime has been reported or its timing.
  • Let’s Talk About It: Provides advice for parents and guardians to safeguard children from online radicalization.
  • NCA CEOP Thinkuknow: Offers advice and resources on addressing concerns about children's online activities, including guidance on challenging harmful attitudes and promoting positive online behaviour.
  • Childnet: Provides advice and resources for parents and guardians to ensure children's online safety.
  • Parentsafe: Offers detailed advice and resources covering various issues, including online safety, apps, and reporting concerns.
  • Parentzone: Provides expert information and resources to help families navigate the online world safely.
  • Family Action: Offers practical, emotional, and financial support to those experiencing poverty, disadvantage, and social isolation.