Religious Education

It is our intention that our RE curriculum inspires, motivates and challenges pupils. We want to provoke a sense of curiosity, wonder, excitement and engagement amongst the children. As a school we seek to give children knowledge and understanding, of both their own culture and those of others, and support them in developing respect, by learning about and from religions. As such, we may address big and sometimes unanswerable questions all within a safe environment. We provide time for reflective opportunities and for the children’s perspectives to be expressed and heard.

Religious Education is taught throughout the school and follows government guidelines and the recommendation of our Local Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE). The focus is mainly Christianity; however, we learn about other major world religions and encourage important dates to be discussed.

As the school is a community school, it has no affiliation with a particular religious denomination. We have a short act of collective worship and daily assemblies, which aim to be broad and meaningful. Children often take an active role in collective worship and parents (within current guidelines) are invited to special assemblies.

Pupils may be released from attending Religious Education and assemblies if parents make a specific request to the Head Teacher.