Year 4

Welcome To Year 4

Miss Amy Bond

Teacher 4B

Miss Aneen Nicholas

Teacher 4N

Shireen Baker

Teaching Assistant

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope that you had a wonderful Easter break. We are really looking forward to a busy and exciting term with the children.



Our goal is to create confident, fluent, independent readers. We prioritise reading at Nelson School and have very carefully chosen the texts your child will study this term.

In Year 4, we will start by looking at The Firework Makers Daughter by Philip Pullman in English. We will also be reading Libba by Laura Veirs.

For our class readers, we will be immersing ourselves further into our history and geography topics by reading Treason by Berlie Doherty and My Name is River by Emma Rea.


Curriculum Highlights

The curriculum map attached gives you an overview of the work that will be covered during the Summer Term. In geography, our topic this term is ‘Brazil’ where we will look at the amazing and diverse landscape of Brazil. We will research the many human and physical features of Brazil and take part in some Brazilian culture. In history, we will look at what life was like as a Tudor and how this has had an impact of life today. Our trip to Hampton Court will help bring this part of our history to life.  In science, we will investigate how sound is created and travels. We will consider how to change pitch and volume. We will also look at how the human body digests food including the role that our teeth play. In art, we will create our own Tudor style portrait using pastels.


Updates and Reminders

Please note P.E. days for Year 4 will continue on Mondays (4N), Tuesdays (4B) and Thursdays (Both). Children should come to school wearing their P.E. kits and trainers on these days and will remain in these all day. A reminder that if children are wearing earrings these should only be studs and not hoops. Stud earrings will be covered with tape during PE lessons for safety. Long hair must be tied up at all times including during PE.  In case children need to change out of their PE shoes due to wet weather, we would like them to bring a spare pair of shoes (these do not need to be school shoes) and socks in a labelled bag. These may be kept at school or brought in on PE days only.

Reading confidently helps children to access all areas of the curriculum and we encourage them to read for around 10-15 minutes per day. This could be reading the book we have sent home with your child or a book you choose to read to them. Anything which sparks their love for reading is valuable!

Children will also continue to be set weekly spelling homework for a spelling quiz the following week. This term the spellings will be bespoke to each child and focus on the Year 3/4 statutory words that your child needs to learn. Once they are secure with these words they will include words that are commonly misspelt and ambitious vocabulary that will help with creative writing.

The National Multiplication Check takes place in June. The children should practise their times tables every day for approximately 5 minutes. The Soundcheck module in Times Table Rockstars is an easy way to monitor which times tables your child needs to practise.

In Year 4, we encourage children to reflect upon the concepts taught in class by producing work in a creative manner. Children will receive another home learning grid at the start of every half term which includes a range of activities to complete. Although the activities are optional, we do encourage the children to complete as many as they can. The home learning grid for the Summer terms will be sent home in their homework books. There will also be a few maths questions for homework.


Grittleton House

We are looking forward to our residential trip. Please hand in your money (up to £10) and addressed envelope to the class teacher by Wednesday April 24th.


Dates for the Diary

Class Photo                                                23.04.24

Grittleton House                                     01.5.24 - 03.05.24

Hampton Court Palace                          09.05.24

National Multiplication Check             June 2024

Swimming Lessons                                   03.06.24 -14.06.24

4N assembly                                               07.06.24

4B assembly                                              14.06.24

Sports Day                                                  27.06.24

We hope your child will find this term both exciting and rewarding. If you have any issues or concerns about your child do not hesitate to contact us. 

Thank you in advance for all your support in the term ahead.


Ms Nicholas + Miss Bond 

Year 4 Class Teachers